June 29, 2013

a wake up call

Always. Be. Marketing.
Never think for a second that you don’t need to market yourself. And never, never, ever think you’re better than everyone else. I was talking to a veteran photographer the other day and he asked me how many weddings we had booked for the coming year. He said he only had 1 booked, and had seen a huge decline in business. He never does a bridal show, never advertises, never puts his name out there, and most importantly never goes the extra mile. He thinks his name and previous reputation will get him through. But there are a lot of good photographers out there right now. And they are all looking to sweep away your clients. So, market yourself and reinvent yourself and your business to stay current in the industry. Don’t take for granted that you can slide through a competitive business arena in a difficult economic time. - Matt McGraw 

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